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HI, I'm 

Hadi SHarekian

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Orange County, California. I am passionate about capturing your love story in a fun, meaningful, authentic way. I focus most on all the little in between moments that make your story unique. I am here to create photographs that are full of Light, Life, and Love. I promise that we will have fun during our time together and create beautiful, thoughtfully crafted photos that you can look back on and cherish forever. 


Hadi Sharekian is a Photographer specializing in Event Photography,  Product Photography

Fashion Photography, Architectural Photography and Concert Photography.

Born in Iran, Hadi was first exposed to photography through his father's snapshots and at age twelve started using his Dad's 35mm Zeiss Ikon camera. He soon thereafter developed a passion for photography and started reading voraciously about various photo techniques used by his idol, Ansel Adams.

In 2005 Hadi received his BFA from University of Mashhad and embarked on his professional career. While in Iran he first focused on commercial photography by shooting industrial sites and then followed up by taking pictures of architectural projects and product placements.

Since his move to Los Angeles, California, Hadi has now expanded his portfolio to fashion and event photography as well.

Los Angeles is a unique and a proven ground for music and art events while at the same time possessing a large Iranian community. Hadi has worked with several high profile artists and musicians of Iranian descent and has dedicated his studio; Los Angeles PIC to promoting members of the Iranian diaspora succeed in their artistic careers and endeavors.


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My New Channel

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